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Speckle Park Denis Roberts and Theresa Roberts

About us

Denis and Theresa Roberts

A family venture with commercial aims – Denis and Theresa Roberts understand first-hand the significance of breeding animals that are ideal for your specific farming conditions.

They have a strong emphasis on producing robust and highly productive females, with many of them having won blue ribbons at most major Royal Show here in Australia. However, their focus extends far beyond awards. They prioritise establishing long-term relationships with their customers, founded on principles of honesty and trust. More importantly, they are committed to doing as much as they can to help their customers' breeding programs be successful.

Denis and Theresa are passionate advocates of providing genuine care and ensuring the welfare of ones herd. They approach their work with a deep sense of respect for the environment, adhering to traditional farming values - and firmly believe that by upholding these principles today, they can make a positive impact on future generations.

WHY AAA Speckle Park

Our Speckle Park are meticulously bred to thrive in the challenging conditions of Queensland, ensuring that farmers can effortlessly produce performing animals of unparalleled quality.

Within our herd, we have very strong family lines, including notable names like Prairie Hill Fancy Pants 93J, Notta-Pho Finish 54P, Notta Frontline 303x, Stardust, and Codiak Putnam females.

By breeding phenotypically appealing animals, AAA strive to meet and exceed the unique requirements of their valued clients. 

Speckle Park - AAA Thunderstruck




OUR Values 

Regenerative Farming.                                                               Holistic Approach.                                                                          Animal Welfare.                                                 Latest Farming Practices.

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