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Discover the exceptional breed that encompasses high carcass yield, docile temperament, superior taste, and enduring strength. 

In Demand Globally

Speckle Park is one of the fastest growing beef cattle breeds in the world. Developed in Canada, they are a carcase-orientated yet maternal purebred. They are polled, of British-bred origin, and moderate in frame size. Speckle Park express tremendous hybrid vigour in a first cross, and they are widely known for high yields and softness of carcase.

Impressive Meat

When it comes to Speckle Park, the animals are attractive but it is what’s underneath that is the true prize! Speckle Park produce high carcase dressing percentages – 60%-plus is common in a first cross – and great meat eating quality. The meat is juicy, flavoursome and tender.

Docile. Low Stress

For many Speckle Park breeders, what they value most about this breed is their quiet temperaments. A key to greater weight gains and a safer, low stress working environment is to work with docile cattle, and Speckle Park – managed properly – tick that box. Their more moderate frame size assists in making them enjoyable to work with.

Boldly different.

Speckle Park cattle come in four distinct colour patterns: speckled, leopard, white with black points, and solid black. Their colour pattern is what attracts some to the breed, while for others it is a mere bonus for the highly valuable attributes they lay beneath their attractive hide. Speckled- and leopard-coloured animals are genetically the same in terms of the inheritance of colour patterns.

FFertile. Hardy. Healthy.

Early calf vigour, hardiness in dry conditions, and excellent feed conversion rates are three major attributes of the Speckle Park breed. They adapt well to -40 deg C Canadian Winters, through to +40 deg C Australian Summers. They are early-maturing, and get back in calf despite adverse weather conditions. There is also a growing demand for Speckle Park bulls as “dairy beef” sires in the dairy industry.

Integrity with Breed Standards.

Speckle Park International members measure their cattle more than most other beef breeds – all registered animals are DNA parent verified to both sire and dam, and are tested for three key traits prior to registration.

Animals born with horns or red coat colouring cannot be registered.


  • Our animals are meticulously bred in Queensland, specifically suited to thrive in our local environment. 

  • We prioritise their long-term health, functionality and productivity. 

  • We understand the importance of balance feeding, ensuring our animals are in optimal condition for breeding while avoiding excessive fat accumulation that could hinder their reproductive capabilities. Our commitment is to provide you with animals that are not only well-fed but also capable of fulfilling their breeding potential.

  • Within our herd, we have very strong family lines, including notable names like Prairie Hill Fancy Pants 93J, Notta-Pho Finish 54P, Notta Frontline 303x, Stardust, and Codiak Putnam females.